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Statement Outline of Shandong Excellent Innovative Team

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Statement Outline of Shandong Excellent Innovative Team

Building Energy-Saving Technology Innovative Team of Shandong Jianzhu University

Comprising of 17 professors and doctors from relevant building energy-saving fields of Shandong Jianzhu University and as a multidisciplinary cross-penetration and cooperation group aiming for research and innovations, this team is intended to promote the execution of the national energy-saving and emission-reduction strategy relying on scientific research platforms, such as Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education Supported by the Province and the Ministry for Application of Renewable Energy Building Technology, Key Laboratory of Building Energy-saving Technology of Shandong Province. Through a long-term practice and development, this team takes solar energy and shallow geothermal energy and other renewable energy building application technology as its main research area, and has achieved a series of important findings in the researches of building energy-saving science, Hi-tech innovations and applications as follows:

1Development of high-efficiency solar vacuum tube heat collection and infiltration air heating collection technology. The vacuum tube heat collector developed by this team is the first to combine mirror ceramic material with compound parabolic concentrators which improves solar collecting capacity by 30%. This team has set up infiltration air heating collection theory and method, and developed solar air collectors which has been applied by Linuo Paradigma Solar Energy for industrial production and was popularized and used in over 300 projects including Jinan Olympic Sports Center and Ningxia 300,000 Ecological Migrants Project, etc, and generated direct economic benefits of over RMB 2.00 billion in recent three years, energy saved was about 468000 ton standard coal in equivalent, and about 1,050,000 tones of CO2 emission reduced .

2Development of basic theory for shallow geothermal high-efficient application. This team is the first in the world to obtain a series of more approximating key analytical solutions, set up underground heat transfer analysis theory and simulation design method of geothermal exchanger, and developed key technology for testing of thermal performance of soil layers. This research result has been popularized and applied in over 1000 large and middle-sized projects including Beijing Olympic Park, Shanghai Expo, Shandong Sichuan Assistance Post-earthquake Reconstruction Project, which has promoted the development of chemical industry, plastic industry and geological exploration and probing and other relevant industries.

3     Set up general environmental guarantee technology on university campuses. This team has set up a general environmental guarantee technology on various university campuses and developed an intelligent monitoring system on these campuses for effective monitoring and reasonable control of the campuses. This team led and completed the first student dormitory energy saving technology demonstration project in China which became a good example and guideline for the development of green university campuses. Shandong Jianzhu University was selected as one of the first 15 experimental conservation-minded universities. The relevant research results have been popularized and applied by over 80 universities including Beijing Normal University, and Jinan University.

In the recent five years, this team undertook 14 national level longitudinal researches supported by the National Scientific and Technological Program, Natural Science Fund and 36 lateral researches regarding Renewable Energy Application Demonstration of Yellow River University Science Park with research fund of RMB 23.00 million. Twelve of their researches won scientific and technological prize of provincial or ministerial level and above, of which Key Technology Development and Application of Solar and Shallow Geothermal Energy in Buildings won second Prize of National Science an Technology Progress Award in 2009, Application Research of Solar Heating Technology in Cold Areas and General Environmental Guarantee Technology on University Campus respectively won First Prize of Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2008 and 2011.

While promoting innovations in building energy-saving science, this team also focuses on gathering and education of talents. In the team 15 people are engaged as directors or deputy directors of national or provincial societies, and their research findings were included in over 10 national industrial specifications and technical codes, such as Technical Code for Ground-source Heat Pump System, Management and Technical Guideline for Construction of Conservation-minded University Campuses. Three professors of the team have been engaged by Tongji University and Southeast University as doctorate supervisors directing over 100 postgraduates for master and doctorate degrees orienting in the research of energy-saving science, and eight post-doctors. Taking this team as the primary teachers and through cooperation with Lino Group and Himin Solar Co., this team created the first solar energy and building integration major in China. The application for education project of doctor talents of the Green Building Technology and Its Theory to serve the special requirements of the nation has been granted by the Ministry of Education, which creates a new platform for scientific research and education of high level compound talents for energy-saving field of buildings.