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TEDx Shandong Jianzhu University Successfully Held by International Students

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TEDx Shandong Jianzhu University Successfully Held

by International Students

   Recently, TEDx Shandong Jianzhu University speech activity was held by international students in our school. This activity aims to strengthen the communication between international students and Chinese students, exercise students' speech ability, and show students' language quality and personal charm. A total of 8 speakers from our school and other universities were invited to attend this TEDx talk. The audience included more than 100 international students as well as our Chinese students.

  Players from different countries exude confidence on the stage and exude unique charm of speech. Emmanuel Chongo, an international student majoring in civil engineering of 2018 in our school, elaborated on the importance of learning attitude through his own learning experience;Niu Lihao, who graduated from the school of science in 2017, Shared his experience of getting along with foreign students in recent years and summarized the way of getting along with "the front line of foreign relations"; Makasa Mwamba from Shandong University deeply touched people with his infectious "your mind, your prison"; Tupilwe Kakumba Simbao, a rational thinker at the university of Jinan, shares how to work intelligently and so on. The speakers won thunderous applause for their vivid speeches.

    TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading ideas, and it spawned the TEDx program. TEDx is a localized activity that brings students together to share experiences or experiences similar to TED.

The successful holding of this speech activity not only provides a platform for Chinese and foreign students to share ideas, but also promotes students' thinking about the four-year study and life in the university. At the same time, it also strengthens the coordination ability and teamwork ability of international students and attracts more international students to participate in the activity.