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Japanese Environmental Expert Anjing Yingqi Visited and Was Appointed as "Visiting Professor"

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    On the morning of March 28th, our university held a "Visiting Professor" appointment ceremony for Anjing Yingqi,Japanese environmental expert and professor of international environmental engineering department of Kitakyushu city university.President Jin Fengxiang met with professor Anjing Yingqi and gave him an offer.

   Principals of the President's office, the personnel department, the international exchange and cooperation department, the school of municipal and environmental engineering and other relevant units participated in the appointment ceremony.

After listening to the introduction of professor Anjing Yingqi, Jin Fengxiang delivered an enthusiastic speech, welcoming professor anjing's visit and expressing his appreciation for professor Anjing's achievements in the field of ecological environment.After a brief introduction of the overall situation , teaching and research features of our university, I hope professor Anjing will bring the advanced environmental treatment theories, technologies, concepts and methods of Japan to China through the platform of Shandong Jianzhu University.

With the support of the policies of the government of China and Shandong province, we will strengthen the teaching and research cooperation between the two schools, deepen the practical cooperation with our school in the field of ecology and environment, promote the development of related disciplines in our school, and jointly contribute to the environmental protection of Shandong , even China, and contribute to the friendshipbetween China and Japan.

   Professor Anjing Yingqi said it is a great honor for him to visit Shandong Jianzhu university. It is exciting to see the thriving shandong jianzhu university.We hope to expand and deepen the cooperation and exchange between the two schools, and put forward the feasible cooperation fields, modes and contents at the present stage. We also hope to carry out relevant cooperation in a pragmatic manner with the cooperation in the field of environmental science as the starting point.To make contributions to China's education, scientific research, international cooperation and exchanges in the field of environmental protection.Jin Fengxiang appreciated this very much and asked the relevant departments of the school to carry out relevant work in a planned and effective way.

  Later, on behalf of the school, Jin Fengxiang issued a "Visiting Professor" appointment letter to professor Anjing Yingqi and took a group photo.

   Anjing Yingqi, born in 1961, is a PhD candidate from Tohoku University, Japan. He is currently a professor in the department of international environmental engineering, Kitakyushu municipal university,Japan.Specialties:pollutant migration (water environment) and simulation, biological sewage treatment, sludge treatment, biological mathematical model development, life cycle evaluation.He has won awards from Japan's ministry of land, land and transport, Japan civil engineering society, Japan sewer association, Japan ozone association, Vietnam sewer association, etc. Currently, he is member of fukuoka sewer review board, member of fukuoka prefecture environmental monitoring board, member of Japanese sewage anaerobic digestion board, member of Japanese ministry of economy, trade and industry, and chairman of Japanese industrial wastewater board.He is now a reviewer of more than a dozen top environmental journals, with 95 Japanese patents and 13 international patents, six books, nearly 100 published papers, and won billions of yen in various funding projects.