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Brief Introduction to the Student Union

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Since its founding in 1957, the student union of Shandong Jianzhu University has developed along with the university. In recent years, to streamline its structure and improve working efficiency, the student union has carried out reforms for its systems and proposed the concept of a service-oriented student union, establishing its unique culture and regulations.

The student union, as the name denotes, is a student organization which safeguards the rights and interests of all students. It is led by the Party Committee and League Committee of Shandong Jianzhu University, and divided into the presidency, secretariat, five work centers, and student unions of all schools.

In order to serve students with a high efficiency and fully play the role as a bridge for communication between the university and various departments and students, the student union is divided into six branches by working nature.

Secretariat: the routine service office, responsible for daily management of the student union, including filing of student leaders' profiles, establishment of regulations and systems, document drafting and sending and receiving of notices, and coordination of work among the five working centers under the instruction of the presidency.

Teaching promotion center: following the principle of "learning first", helps students to study at a correct attitude and with proper methods and clear goals, organizes various academic lectures to create an academic atmosphere; acts as a bridge for communication between students and functional departments of the university, and gives reports regarding students' learning situations and puts forward teaching suggestions and requirements to related departments.

Campus culture development center: actively carries out various student-oriented recreational and sports activities and a series of forums and lectures intended to improving students' quality in humanities and science and technology, enriching the campus culture and creating an extensive cultural atmosphere.

Practice and entrepreneurship center: serves to improve students' innovation and practice abilities, raises students' entrepreneurship consciousness, and promotes all-around developments of students. To improve the students' abilities in practice and prepare them for employment, the center provides students opportunities for receiving training, doing part-time jobs, and participating in social practices and professional practices.

Student rights and service center: safeguards students' rights and interests, acts a bridge for communication between students and various functional departments of the university, solves problems for students, helps the university to improve students' living conditions, and organizes life and culture activities and psychological health education.

Information research and media center: propagates and protects the reputation of the university, creates an academic atmosphere, organizes theory and skill education for student leaders to improve their comprehensive quality; surveys and makes statistics of students' information regularly and makes related reports public, and reports students' thoughts and ideas to the university; takes charge of construction, maintenance and management of websites of the Youth League Committee and student union, builds a platform for online communication and propagation of the student union; actively carries out activities in connection with network culture, national culture, and fashion culture, enriching campus network culture and ensuring service-oriented work.

Following the motto of "striving for virtue and knowledge to build foundation for career success" and the principle of "self-service, self-management and self-education", and keeping to the goal of "serving teachers and students and safeguarding students' interests", the student union of Shandong Jianzhu University has always played an active role in strengthening communication between teachers and students since its founding, provides a platform for students to show their talents and a platform for communication between various schools of the university. It plays an important role in development of the campus culture of Shandong Jianzhu University.

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