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Campus Culture

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The motto of "striving for virtue and knowledge to build foundation for career success" is the essence and core of the campus culture of Shandong Jianzhu University. Since its founding in 1956, generations of teachers and students have always, following the motto and spirit of the university, been exploring to best suit the development trend of the time while drawing on the heritage of predecessors. Thus, a rich, colorful and vibrant culture is gradually formed. Here teachers are lights who enlighten students with their broad knowledge, and students are owners of the university who enjoy a pleasant environment for living and learning, and are encouraged to be innovative. Teachers and students feel free to talk and benefit a lot from such a culture.

The continuously enriched culture have inspired students from one generation to another and brought out many outstanding cultural activities, among which, some activities of potential brand are novel and rich in contents, profound and significant in meaning, and extensive in scope of participants. These fabulous activities, indispensible to the campus culture, mainly focus on three aspects, ideological education, academy, and sports and recreation.

1. Ideological education

The university makes great efforts in building an encouraging atmosphere for ideological education of students. The education focuses on socialist core values and in the process the functions of League groups at all levels are well developed. Thoughts of students are learnt to explore new educational means accordingly. To enhance the ideological and ethical quality and establish a sound ideological education system, a series of activities are carried out, including "Cultivation of young Marxists" and "Training for League secretary". These activities are carried out in combination with recognition of "start" League groups, conducive to promoting cohesion and capabilities of all League groups.

2. Academy

As it is often said, "the importance of a university lies in its academic education", academic education is the driving force for the long-term development of Shandong Jianzhu University. A quotation from Sima Qian may best explain what is academic: Studying the relationship between the unearthly and the mundane, looking through the changes taken place from before to now, one can form a philosophy of one's own. Routine classes besides, the university also seeks to develop out-of-class academic activities. So far, the university has successively undertaken many key activities for the provincial cultural festival of science and technology for the students, including structure design contest and "Challenge Cup" national university student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition. Students of the university performed very well in these contests. In addition, we developed our unique characteristic academic activities. Among them, the "Construction contest with paper boards" is a carefully designed activityin view of advantages in building fields, which not only embodies the high academic level of the university but also offers a precious opportunity for students to practice their knowledge. Another excellent activity is "Lectures on construction", a platform for quality education in science and technology as well as humanities. Lectures covering a wide range of fields are given. Here, students are welcome to discuss with teachers as they like. These lectures contribute a lot to promoting academic progress.

3. Sports and recreation

The vitality of campus culture can be mostly embodied by various recreational activities. Always promoting an all-round development of students, the university always places high priority on development of various associations, including art association, painting and calligraphy association, and photo taking association, which are pivotal to the campus culture. Among them, the student-organized art association, under the direct leadership of the League committee, offers art majors an out-of-classroom chance for practicing what they have learnt. Since its founding, the association has always kept to the goal of enriching the campus culture and promoting all-round development, and taken serving students as its basic task. Thanks to the hard working of its members and instructions from many teachers, the association has seen many outstanding students and successfully undertaken a lot of performances both inside and outside the university. Other distinguished associations include movie association, reading association, and so on. In addition, to encourage the all-round development of students, the university attaches much importance to physical exercise. A stadium with complete and advanced facilities is built, consisting of a basketball court, badminton court and fitness room, a significant step for promoting students' development in an all-round way. Various sport games are held, such as football game initiated by the School of Civil Engineering, badminton game by the School of Information and Electrical Engineering, as well as inter-school basketball game. Besides, sports meetings are held each year, where many students show their outstanding sport talents. These activities not only improve students' physical conditions and raise their awareness of importance of teamwork, but also enhance the cohesion of the whole university and lay a solid foundation for further development.

In the past five decades, faculties and students of the university have overcome numerous difficulties and always been striving for excellence. Thanks to their hard work, a diversified and systematic campus culture is gradually formed. Activities in all respects including patriotism, education, science and technology, humanities, sport and entertainment, and public welfare, are continuing to develop. To create a campus culture of "letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend" and an increasingly systematic culture, a series of distinguished activities are emerging, including "Yingxueqiuzhi" students academic festival, "Xueshanzhiyun" students cultural festival, student-organized association festival, students dormitory festival, and youth volunteers month.

In a word, following the spirit and motto of Shandong Jianzhu University, a diversified and systematic campus culture is taking shape, which offers students a best platform for development and absorbs new energies for development of the university

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